Second competition

On Saturday the 8th of May the second internal competition took place. After the first competition of three weeks ago everyone felt motivated and ready for a new day of competing or volunteering.

Just like last time, the day started with shotput and pole-vaulting. Inge broke her personal best with a few centimetres and threw the shot to 10.83m. In the meantime Ton was very brave and jumped to a 2.30m with no training. Marloes jumped a decent height (2.50m) and Camu improved his personal best to 3.00m. Inge also participated in discus throwing. She was not so satisfied with her own result, but she coached some of the Pallas athletes to a personal best. During the 200m Han took the lead, finishing in 24.05, closely followed by Ton (24.14s). Although javelin started after noon, this was still to early for Daniël because he overslept. He was just in time for the last attempt and threw to 22.21m. Pim surprised himself and threw to 33.70m, and Maaike and Marloes were also happy with their results (27.96m and 28.67m). Then it was time for the shortest sprinting distance: the 100m. Ton ran a strong race (12.22s) and Esther finished her first 100m ever in 13.51m. The starting blocks were taken away, making space for the long distance runners. Chrisja and Dagmar both finished their first 800m ever in a good 2:38,63 and 2:55,48. The most Tartletes participated in the 1500m. Koen won the race in 4:09,82, followed by Pim, Tim, Daniël, Daan, Stijn and Sten.Despite the rain, Erik, Camu and Maaike ran a good 400m, finishing in 52.07s, 53.60s en 1:04,29. In the meanwhile, the highjumpers also conquered the rain. Simone and Robbert jumped to 1.45m and 1.65, and Han surprised himself by relaxingly jumping to 1.90m. Just before the last event, the 4x100m relay, the rain stopped. During the first start the electronic time measuring unit faced problems, leading to a restart. Dionne had no problem with this, as it was her first time in the starting blocks and this gave her some extra time to practice. The men’s team, consisting of Erik, Ton, Daniël and Pim finished in 47.74s, while the women’s team (Dionne, Simone, Chrisja and Marloes) followed with 57.30s.

With the help of all the volunteers this day was a success! After the competition everyone had just enough time to prepare for the evening programme of the TACO weekend ahead.

All results can be found via this link. The photo’s Elke made can be found here.