Tartlétos has a contract with three partners/sponsors. As a member of Tartlétos you can benefit from this. The partners/sponsors will be introduced below.



M-Visio is a physiotherapy office which is specialised in sports related injuries. Furthermore, specialised therapies like manual and craniosacral therapy are offered by M-Visio. If you get injured (which we don’t hope will happen), we would recommend you to make an appointment with a sports physiotherapist of M-Visio. If you mention you are a member of Tartlétos, M-Visio will make sure you see a physiotherapist within two days. M-Visio will help you to get rid of the injury. If necessary, they will refer you to a specialised therapy like dry needling, manual or craniosacral therapy.

M-Visio also offers Tartlétos a clinic/workshop every year which is about injury prevention. Furthermore, M-Visio sponsors the university team for the Batavierenrace and they try to prevent and treat injuries of members of the team.

More information about M-Visio can be found on: https://m-visio.nl/nl/.


Runnersworld Ede

Runnersworld is a shop where you can find a lot of stuff you need for doing athletics. Members of Tartlétos can have a 10 percent discount on all running shoes, clothes and other stuff (except for articles which are on sale or in combination with other discount actions). When buying shoes, you get professional analysis about your running form to make sure you buy the shoes which fit you best. Wearing the right shoes can prevent injuries.

More information about Runnersworld Ede can be found on: https://www.runnersworld.nl/vestigingen/ede/.


DressMe Clothing Wageningen

DressMe is a company which sells printed fabric. Tartlétos gets a 10 percent discount when buying board and committee clothing at DressMe. Also, members of Tartlétos can get a 10 percent discount on printed cloth. Furthermore, Tartlétos gets sum of money from DressMe, dependent on the amount of money Tartlétos and tarlétes spend during the previous year.

More information about DressMe Clothing can be found on: https://www.dressmeclothing.nl/.