Board 2020-2021     

Chairman: Guus Heijnen

Hi All,

I will be the new chair of our beautiful associations, because not everybody will know me yet I will shortly introduce myself. My name is Guus Heijnen and I am doing athletics for already 15 years, starting as a little boy doing all the disciplines, but at the moment I am focused on the middle long distances between 3000m and 10k.  My career as athlete started at Atletiek Helden, a small association in the middle of Limburg where I originally come from.  Besides doing athletics myself I was also a trainer there and now I am one of the assistances from Tonnie at Tartlétos. Furthermore, I work as an advisor in running and hiking shoes in the weekends back home in Limburg.

Of course, I am also doing other stuff next to all this athletics addicted behaviour. I am a first-year master student in biosystems engineering after I graduated this summer on my bachelor’s degree. If your studying ‘agrotechnologie’ for your bachelor, you also have to be member of HeerenXVII the study association where you also can find me quite a lot. For people who know the Heeren a bit it is quite strange that I sport a lot, but I think I can combine this cosiness (read; drinking quit a lot of beer) with lots of running.

I hope to see you all at one of the activities or at least on the trainings and get to know you also!

Secretary: Dionne Ruijter

Hello everyone!

My name is Dionne, I am 23 years old and I am currently in my sixth study year. I finished my Bachelor in Animal Sciences two years ago and I am currently doing my Master Animal Sciences.

I have done some athletics as a little girl at AV de Spartaan until I was 12. After that I did many other sports, but I always missed athletics. So, when I came to Wageningen 6 years ago I decided to join Tartlétos and I am still very happy with that decision! Next to athletics I also do triathlon, so in my free time you can find me in a swimming pool or on my racing bike. Thereby, you will also not really find me at competitions on an athletics track, but mainly at road races of 5-10 km or triathlon competitions.

Next to studying and training I like to meet up with friends, go on adventures with my housemates and go on holiday to countries with lots of mountains to hike!

I really like to organize things and I have mainly been active at my study association, where I am currently also in a board and I have organized the Veluweloop a few years ago. Because this was so much fun, I decided to join the board of Tartlétos to get more insight into the association and to organize trainings and activities for all of you! I will be the secretary of the board this year and I am really looking forward it. I am confident that we will have a nice year full of activities and training. I will see you all at the blue track!

Treasurer: Celine Verstegen

Hey everyone! My name is Celine Verstegen, I am 21 years old and I will be the new treasurer of Tartlétos! I think most of you already know me a little, but I will tell a bit more about my life :P. I am born and raised in Berghem, a small village in Brabant (quite close to Tonnie :D). I have one older sister, which is also studying in Wageningen and she even was a member of Tartlétos for a while. After finishing my bachelor last year, I continued with the master of Food Technology. As a child, I did not join athletics, but I have done many other sports like volleyball, rowing, dancing and floorball. Only 1.5 years ago I started with running and athletics but I am already very enthusiastic to become better. Besides running, I still like to do many other sports activities. With my boyfriend, I like to boulder. It is a kind of climbing but the wall is only 4 meters high and you have to follow a specific route to the last boulder stone. Next to all kind of sports, I like cooking. There is nothing better than surprising your friends, housemates and family with new nice dishes. The more experimental and difficult the dish, the better.

Last year I also did some committees like the Taco and I really enjoyed the training and activities. So it was not difficult for Rick to pursue me to do a board year.

I am looking forward to this year and hope to see you all on the training and the activities!

Competition commissioner home: Inge de Willigen

Hi everyone, I am the competition commissioner home! To introduce myself, I am Inge, 21 years old and born in Leiden. I’m currently in the first year of the Master International Land and Water Management. I finished the Bsc. International Land and Water Management and I greatly enjoyed this study. What I also greatly enjoyed during the last three years in Wageningen was being a member of Tartlétos and training at the blue track. However, in my case I haven’t trained at the actual track that much, as I am a thrower. I therefore spent more time at the throwing spots, especially in the discus cage. I practice all throwing events (discuss, shot put, hammer throw and javelin), but my favourites are discus and hammer throw. When I am not busy with throwing stuff, I like to surf, ski or snowboard and eat ice cream. Anyways, I hope to make the best out of the coming year with my fellow board-mates. We will do our utmost best to make it a great year!

Competition commissioner out: Marloes Abbink

Hi all! My name is Marloes, I am 20 years old and I will be the competition commissioner away upcoming year in the board. I am currently following my last bachelor course so that I can start my master Food Technology in November. As soon as I started studying here in Wageningen I became a member of Tartlétos. However, I wasn’t an active member at all during my first year, but this changed in my second year when I joined the Campus Run committee. From that moment on I became more and more active within Tartlétos.

I have been practicing athletics for 11 years now and I used to do heptathlon. I still like this, but you will mainly see me doing jumping or throwing events. I like spending time outdoors, so I also like to go for a run or bike ride. Occasionally you can find me running a 5 or 10k or doing a triathlon. In winter I like to go skiing, and this December I will also become a ski-instructor.

I am looking forward to a fun year with a lot of enthusiastic Tartlétes. I hope to see you all very often during the trainings and activities, but also at some competitions!

Commissioner publicity: Anna Heemskerk

Hello everyone! My name is Anna, I am 22 years old. I am in my second year of the master Nutrition and Health. Before I came to Wageningen, I studied Nutrition and Dietetics in Groningen.

As a child, I did gymnastics for a long time. Because of an injury I had to quit and started doing athletics. At that time I trained in Emmeloord, the place where I was born and raised. During my bachelor I did not join an athletic sports association but I continued running by myself. In that time I have built up the running distance and so far I have run 2 half marathons.
My favorite spot in the Netherlands is Terschelling where I go almost every summer to be out in the dunes and water. I like being active, so this is the perfect spot to be outside all day. Besides sports, I like to cook, drink beer (or wine) and have fun with my friends.

When I came to Wageningen I wanted to join Tartlétos to have nice trainings, (hopefully) become a bit faster and get to know more people, and I am very happy I did.

Now, I will take over the role as PR this coming year. As part of that, I am going to make the WAK once every two months and will keep the social medias up to date. I am really looking forward to the coming board year and I hope to see you all at the training!