Board 2021-2022     

Chairman: Pim Scheiberlich

Hi everybody, 

My name is Pim Scheiberlich, I’m 21 years old and I will fulfil the role of chairman this year. I’m at the end of my bachelor Nutrition & Health, and I’m currently doing a minor about human movement sciences in Amsterdam at the VU. However, with the ridiculous room prices in Amsterdam, I will stay in my room in Wageningen, which makes it possible to join the board of Tartlétos! 

When I was young, I of course got my swimming diploma’s and after that I enjoyed swimming so much that I started competitive swimming. However, at 9 years old I wanted to switch to a different sport and a friend of mine said I should join the local athletics association in Best (the village I come from, near Eindhoven), so I tried that. At first, I did all the events, but after a few years, I wanted to focus on running and at that time, I also got the idea that I wanted to do a triathlon, since only cycling was missing from my set of sports skills. A few years later, I did my first 1/8 triathlon and in the following years, many short distance triathlons (up to ¼) followed. My dream is to one day do the full Ironman and also qualify for the “world championships” (for amateur athletes) in Hawaii. 

Now two years ago, I went back to the athletics track and joined Tartlétos. At first, I wanted to just use athletics trainings to train my running for the triathlons, but this year I also did my first mila races and I also enjoyed this a lot. The first year, I only joined the trainings, and I didn’t really join any activities, but last year, I became a bit more active and when I was asked for a board year, I decided to take on this challenge. 

I look forward to the upcoming year in the board, and I hope to meet and train with many of you on our blue track! 

Secretary: Lisa van Eijkelenburg

Hi everyone,  

My name is Lisa van Eijkelenburg, 22 years old and I am going to fulfill the role of the secretary this year. I am currently a second year master’s student Nutrition and Health. I have a passion for nutrition related to sports and disease.  

When I was young, my mom always told me to join an athletics association. Unfortunately, I did not listen to her. I regret this, because it would have been lots of fun to be able to jump over the hurdles without falling. Although I did not join an athletics association, I started running with a friend when I was thirteen years old. I started with a 5k, extended my goals, and finally reached my goal and ran two half a marathons. My favourite distance is a 10-15 km run. For me, enjoying the run is more important than running as fast as I can. I decided to join Tartlétos to meet people to run with. You might not see me on the track that often, because I do not like to run the same rounds all the time. I prefer to go to the forest or other surroundings to go for a run. Besides running, I also like playing tennis and snowboarding. The common denominator of these three sports is being outside. I love it!  

Next to sports activities, I also like to have cosy moments with friends have some drinks, listen to music, laugh and make memories. Therefore, I became of member of the TACo last year. This committee organises activities for the members. I really enjoyed this, because it is a nice way to meet people and have a good time together.  

I am looking forward to my year as a secretary and I hope to see you at the training and coming activities! 

Treasurer: Simone Heezius


Hi everyone! 

My name is Simone Heezius and I am 20 years old. This year I will be the treasurer or Tartlétos. Currently I am in my second year of my Bachelor Nutrition and Health. 4 of 6 of the new board studies Nutrition and Health, so besides for board related questions you can always come to us for nutrition and health related questions too! If I could give you an advice: make use of this full package board… 

During my time at the elementary school, I never wanted to join the athletics association because I believed it was for boring people. When I went to 6th grade, almost all my friends in my class were doing athletics so I joined the association too. In the early years I was busier with chatting with my friends than I was with the athletics and the trainings itself. It didn’t change until I was around 16, from that moment of I realised that I was not as bad as I always thought I was, which was because I literally did nothing besides chatting. I also found out that jumping was something I even really liked, woohoo! and till this day that has never changed. 

Another story I want to tell is that I have always been a ‘moneymaker’. When I was around 10 years old, I made my own bracelets, earrings, keychains and necklaces. During Queen’s Day I sold all the jewellery. 1 time I earned 40 euros, which was a lot of money on that age! Nowadays I am not selling jewellery anymore, but second-hand clothes (very WURlife proof :)). In conclusion, this is why I am the treasurer! 

I am looking forward to upcoming year and hope to see you all (back) on track! 

Competition Commissioner Home: Camu Prins

Hi everyone! 

I will be the new competition commissioner home this year. Because not everyone will know me, I will introduce myself. I am Camu Prins, 20 years old and I am from Amersfoort. In my homecity, I have been a member of the athletics association for 12 years and I really enjoyed doing the decathlon. Unfortunately, I stopped doing athletics when I came to Wageningen. I thought that this was a good moment to try out other sports. I took all kinds of classes at the bongerd and even rowed for a year, but still, I felt that something was missing. So at the beginning of the second year of my bachelor’s, I came back to athletics. And I have to tell you, it felt really good to be back on the track. Now I’m not training for the decathlon anymore, but I do enjoy doing different events. Most of the time you can find me at track doing sprints or pole vaulting.  

Besides Tartlétos I like to do other things like; play volleyball, travel, paint, swim in the Rhine and have a drink at a terrace. And as a classic Wageningen student I like to take care of my plant collection and Cosmo & Wanda (two goldfish that are somehow still alive). Of course, I am also in Wageningen to study. I am in the third year of the Bachelor International Land & Water Management (aka. Bil) and am now doing the minor in Geo-Information Science. After that, in the second half of the year, I will do an internship and write a thesis. Where and what that will entail hasn’t been decided yet.  

But first, let’s have a good time together. I’m really looking forward to my time in the board and I’ll see you soon on the track! 

Competition Commissioner Away: Stijn van Nierop

Hello everyone, 

I am Stijn van Nierop, 22 years old, and I will fulfill the function of Competition commissioner-away for the upcoming year. I am a 4th year bachelor student Food Technology. As some of you may know I have already done a board year two years ago. Because I loved that so much, I now decided to go for it again (only this time without a pandemic hopefully).  

When I was about 6 years old I joined the local athletics association in the great village of Drunen. There I started athletics, and from then on I never stopped doing it. When I began with athletics I did all the events without any specialization. But from my 15th onwards I decided to focus on the sprint events, as this were the events my father participated in. The next few years my goal was to beat my father, in which I eventually succeeded. In my last few years of high school I fully focussed on running the 400m as fast as possible, and participating in as many competitions as possible. 

When I joined Tartlétos I started off with only joining the training and not joining any activities, but later on, because of injuries I started to join more and more activities and grew to love the association. This led to me starting my first board year. However, this year was also the year the coronavirus decided to come along. Regardless, it was still a great and educational year, but I felt I missed the second half of the board year. Therefore, I decided I wanted to do another board year when corona was gone to really see what a board year can be like. During the board year you will probably see me running with the distance runners as well as the sprinters, due to an ankle injury which stops me from sprinting all the time.  

I am looking forward to my year in the new board, and hope to get to know the association and it’s members even better! 

Commissioner Publicity: Chrisja van de Kieft

Hi! My name is Chrisja van de Kieft and I am 21 years old. I will be the new commissioner publicity for Tartlétos this year! I don’t really come from the athletics world. Actually, I played korfball for 14 years at ODIK, my club at home. I am originally from Barneveld, a village not so far from here. Because this is only 45 minutes by train and bus, I lived at home for my first year at Wageningen university. When I was looking for a student home, I was also looking for a new sport and I found a room for subrent at the Trimsalon. I was asked/obligated to participate in a training from Tartlétos and from that moment on, you can find me almost every training at the track. Now, I have been a member for almost two years, and I also have a permanent room at the Trimsalon. 

At the track, I like almost every discipline and I am trying very hard to try out everything, in order to find my favourite discipline. When I first started at Tartlétos, I did mila, then I sprinted for a while and now I am training for a heptathlon. I find it hard to say what my favourite discipline is: 200m, 800m, hurdles, hammer throw and actually I also really enjoy high jump. And then there are also some things I hardly tried yet. For the time being, you can probably find me at various disciplines. 

Besides track and field, I also like reading, playing piano, playing games and you can always make me happy with a drink ;p. Besides this, I started this year with my first year of the Master Nutrition and Health. Together with following courses, I am also a student assistant for Programming in Python. This doesn’t sound like a typical course followed by nutrition students, but in my bachelor Nutrition and Health, I followed the minor Data Science. In my master, I am trying to combine these two fields. 

I am really looking forward to this year! I hope to see you all at, or outside the track!