To keep an association going, much more is needed than just the board. Therefore Tartlétos has created several committees. The committees come in all shapes and sizes: from taking care of dinners, weekends and fun activities, to organising competitions such as the Campus Run, the Life Science Run and the Batavieren race. Every year, there is a committee interest drink where you can indicate that you would like to join a committee!


Besides the many committees, there are always many volunteers needed. Especially during home competitions, there is often a need for people who want to lend a hand with, for example, setting off the course, who help with the registration, or who want to act as a jury member. As a volunteer you not only help the club, but you also have a very pleasant day. After the race the volunteers often have dinner together.

Become Active!

You too can participate in a committee or help the association as a volunteer. Being a member of a committee has a lot of advantages. Not only will you become experienced in organising activities or competitions, but you will also improve your social and communicative skills and you will get to know your fellow Tartletes a lot better. Would you like to become active in a committee and make an active contribution to Tartlétos, or would you like some more information, feel free to mail to or speak to one of the board members during training.

These are all the committees known to Tartlétos: