TartlEAT Committee

Are you a true kitchen prins or princess, or do you want to become one? Then the TartlEAT Committee is something for you! Once a month this committee prepares a delicious meal for her members. The dinners organized by the TartlEAT Committee give a guarantee for fun evenings and a full tummy. Tartletes are always very grateful to this committee for their effort.

The TartlEAT Committee is always looking for help and people that like to cook. If you like stirring in pans, thinking over recipes and enjoy cooking for and with other people, then send an email to tartletos@wur.nl. Don’t hesitate to share and pass on your tasty recipes!

TartlEAT consists of:

Jelle ten Harkel

Thomas van der Heijde

Tim van Rooij

Judith de Heer

Elise Pelgrim

Tiger Ketellapper

Ellen van der Kolk

Marloes Abbink