General information

Are you an able-bodied winner or would you like to become one? Join us!

W.A.V. Tartlétos is the students athletics association of Wageningen. One of our main events is running. We have members running on all possible levels; from fanatical competition runners to those who would just like to improve their stamina, so there’s always someone you can run along with.

But athletics isn’t just running! We also provide trainings for the technical events like sprinting, jumping, hurdling and throwing.

Since we are a students association we also do a lot of things besides sporting. We organise many social events (among others the famous Tartlétos Weekend), we participate a race in a foreign country every year, we compete in team competitions, we eat together every month, and so on.

Curious? You’re always welcome at one of our trainings!
As a new member, you may join four trainings for free (Monday and Wedsnesday), just to know whether you like the trainings and the club. After four trainings you can decide whether you want to become a member.


We often participate in competitions on the track, on the road or in crosses. We usually go there as a group. We particularly like the relay runs, which make the slightly individual sport of athletics an actual team effort. We always do well in races like the Veluweloop and the students relay run the Batavierenrace, which we won in 2006.

We do not only join in competitions, we also organise several ourselves. We offer several competitions on our own track, but we also organise an XC cross in the forest.

Social Events

We are not just a sports club, we do a lot of things where tights and spikes aren’t necessary. Every month we eat together. Besides that, we organise the annual Tartlétos birthday party, a camping weekend, pub nights, a barbeque, film evenings and much more! These are great opportunities to get to know your fellow members a bit better!

In the end the best way to get to know us and to experience what athletics is about, is to join us on one of our trainings. You’re always welcome!
You can also browse our website a bit more, or call or mail us.
Have a look at the contact information page.

Internal regulations
in the Internal regulations you can find all the rules and regulations to which the association, together with all members and the board have to adhere.

Safety protocol SCB

In the Safety protocol of the SCB you can find what to do in case of emergencies.

Sports rights Bongerd

In order to train on the track and use additional facilities, it is necessary to purchase sports rights. These need to be renewed annually!

This can be done via: