The Batavierenrace is the largest relay in the world and runs from Nijmegen to Enschede (a distance of more than 175 km!). With 8500 participants, the Batavierenrace is the biggest sports events of the Netherlands. To participate in the race the team captain subscribes a team of 25 people: 16 men and 9 woman, respectively the amount of stages.

Every year Tartlétos participates with two teams. Besides a Tartlétos-team, the Bata444committee also compiles a University team consisting of Wageningens fastest students. This so called WUR-team will battle in the university competition for the title of fastest university of The Netherlands. This is an official Dutch Student Championship and the WUR-team always does quite well in the rankings.

If you have any questions/remarks for the team captains, or if you know an undiscovered running talent from Wageningen? Send an email to

Year WUR-team Tartlétos-team
2006 1st  
2007 7th 23rd
2008 2nd 34th
2009 5th 48th
2010 6th 24th
2011 6th 31st
2012 1st 98th
2013 3rd 32nd
2014 7th 34th
2015 4th 24th
2016 4th 13nd
2017 4th 18th
2018 4th 16th
2019 2nd 16th
2020 (online) 4th 23th

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