DMB circuit

Show that you’re a real diehard by competing or volunteering in as many matches as possible during the cold winter season! You can compete in crosses, running events and indoor matches. Bring all your fellow Tartlétes for more fun! This year the DMB will be slightly different, because you can also earn point by completing challenges that will be sent to you at the beginning of every month. You have the full month to complete these ten challenges before the next month starts.

The points system for the Dark Month’s Diehard Circuit is as follows:

  • 50 points for every completed challenge
  • 100 point for volunteering in a competition
  • 100 Points for participation in a match
  • 60 Points 1st place
  • 50 Points 2nd place
  • 40 Points 3th place
  • 20 Points for every extra event per match
  • 10 Points for every clubrecord you break
  • 10 Points per Tartlete who participates in the same match
  • 5 Points per Tartlete who ends up behind you at the same event or in the same category

Last year Daan Reijnen took the title of “greatest Dark Months Diehard” home! Will you prove this winter that you are a real Diehard?