It’s a pleasure to meet you!

Name: Cheetos of Tartlétos
Species: Cheetah
Birthdate: 25-5-2011
Place: Savanne

You guys do not know me yet, so I will introduce myself first. My name is Cheetos. The previous Board 2010-2011 BLINK made me the Tartlétos Mascot. So here I am, as honoured and surprised as a cheetah can be. My life you used to be not that exciting, just hanging around, eat and make sure that Cheetahs will not extinguish.
That was my main purpose in life. But than BLINK was there looking for a sweet not too big but most important a loyal Cheetah. For me it wasn’t a hard decision to change my life completely. I will not grow anymore, besides that it is difficult to guess my gender. So dating will be quite difficult.
But now I belong to Tartlétos, I am part of all the members. I will go to competions and activities. But I do love holidays and adventures. So if you have plans to go somewhere or are about to experience a great adventure, ask the Board if I can support you. Than I can tell a great story for the next WAK. And of course a nice picture will suit 😀