When do I have to pay for the products?

Payment must be made immediately during the order, otherwise the order is not completed. Payment takes place via iDeal or Credit card payment.

Why does it state when I check out that I have to pay 5 euros in shipping costs?

These are the shipping costs that people outside of Wageningen, Bennekom & Ede have to pay for shipping costs. If you click through and enter your address and live in Wageningen, Bennekom or Ede, the shipping costs will disappear automatically.

What is the delivery time of my order?

Because we order from the supplier in bulk, it can take a few weeks before your order arrives. You will receive a message from us when you can pick up your product with us.

When can I pick up my products?

As soon as your order has arrived at the committee you will receive an e-mail with options for collecting your order.

When will I receive my products? (Only if your order will be shipped to you)

You will receive an email as soon as the products have been mailed, after which you will receive your products at home within a few days.

At check out I have chosen to pick the order up at a committee member, but how does this work?

Once you can pick up your order you will receive an email with three locations from where you can collect your order: Asserpark, Marijkeweg or Droevendaalsesteeg. Based on your choice, we will discuss when you can pick up your order.