The Forest and Valley Competition is a circuit of four XC (cross-country) races organized by five athletics association. Every trail lies in a beautiful forestry and hilly environment.

There are two distances at these races for seniors: a short cross (2 to 3 km), and a long cross (women 6 to 8 km & men 10 to 12 km). By competing in at least 3 of the 4 races you are competing in the circuit of the BVC.  Your three best performances then count and are taking into the rankings. Subscribing for the circuit is only possible during the first and second race.  Also, everyone who has subscribed for the circuit will get a nice keepsake. See for more info!

Race dates
Season 2019 / 2020 – 48e Edition

26 October 2019 Veenendaal (
14 December 2019 Wageningen (  ,
11 January 2020 Ede (
1 February 2020 Rhenen (
15 February 2020 reserve