In 2019, th 9th lustrum of Tartlétos took place. This is what the committee had to say that year:

This year Tartlétos will celebrate its 9th Lustrum! We, as a lustrumcie, are going to make sure that it will be the best lustrum ever. The Lustrumcie consists of: Martijn, Koen, Anouk, Anouk, Mirit, Randy and Julien. During the year we will organize all kind of fun activities for you. The first four activities have already taken place, namely the lustrum holiday at Winterberg, the training weekend at Apeldoorn, the 9-course diner and the lustrumparty together with Ijzersterk. All activities were a great success and were visited by a lot of Tartletes!

On Friday evening, November 8, the weekend will start with an opening dinner and an activity at restaurant H41. We will enjoy a buffet and a drink (the first drink is on us, the rest is charged on the spot). We will also have a fun activity at H41. Saturday is all about meeting members of your own generation and Tartletes from other years. The morning and afternoon are filled with playful and active games in and around Sports Center de Bongerd. That way you will be reminded of your Tartlétos time. At the end of the afternoon the anniversary drink will take place in the center. This is followed by an extensive 3-course dinner and the party at the Patio: indulge yourself like in your student days. Sunday will be again a fun day with playfull activities. The day will start with a warming-up, given by the current running trainer of Tartlétos, Tonnie Dirks. This is followed by a sporting activity with a bit of competition. After this the program will be finished. There is, of course, still room for coffee or drinks.

An e-mail as been send to all the (old)members with a link to the subscription form. In cause you did not receive this e-mail, you can find the link here:

The subscription closes on the 29th of October. So be on time!

We are also looking for some volunteers. So if you want to help on saterdayafternoon and/or sundaymorning, please send a mail to It will be much appreciated!

If you have any further questions you can mail to and to stay up-to-date with the latest developments you can follow us on Facebook

Hope to see you during the weekend!