TACo weekend

Last weekend, finally the weekend we all waited on took place: the TACo-weekend. The committee had made several scenarios, because we were very hopeful and were looking forward to the weekend. Luckily, the some measures were loosened and the weekend went ahead.

On Friday evening, a kind of dinner show took place. Every group picked up their box with food and the cooking could start. During the dinner show Celine and Lisa asked some difficult questions like name as many Disney movies as you can. And although for some groups there were some minor problems like the oven was too small, the stove didn’t heat or all ingredients were already used in the soup, it was a successful first night.

On Saturday the competition took place where many Tartlétes participated or volunteered. Luckily the rain had disappeared after the competition, because it was time for the ‘fox hunt’. Seven foxes were hidden in Wageningen and the groups needed to find them in order to make a word with all the letters they found. The word revealed the activity for Sunday afternoon. Some groups had already found four foxes in the first 15 minutes. Luckily there were some foxes that were hidden in a corner of the map. All foxes were dressed up for example as a skier, as a tourist, as being on staycation or in a weird pink suit. Or like Inge said about one fox: That one looks weird, it is probably not part of the game. After two hours almost all foxes were found, Jelle, Elke en Ellen were the first ones that guessed activity of Sunday afternoon: ‘duosteppen’.

But first Sunday morning started with a bootcamp given by Erik and Chrisja. Everyone was still a bit sleepy, but we woke up pretty soon by Erik. First a warming-up was done and then a circuit was done. And the end of the circuit our arms were kind of tired, and then it was time for a relay. In the relay you needed to jump robe and run through hoops. It was a nice, sportive morning. It was especially nice to see everyone together that participated in the weekend. Thereafter, everyone went home to have lunch and after that it was time for the semi-sportive activity. Okay, maybe it was sportive and not just semi-sportive, because ‘duosteppen’ made you kind of tired and the route longer than expected. Beforehand some groups didn’t want a tandem but the ones that did were happy with it because they could switch between ‘duosteppen’ and the tandem. Uphill the ‘duostep’ didn’t go that fast, but you could go 30km/h when you went downhill. After the enthusiastic tour many groups had an ice cream to end the weekend well and the weather was perfect for it. As the TACo committee we look back at a wonderful weekend, we enjoyed it and we hope you did as well 🙂