Wagenings onderonsje

And as if two internal competitions were not enough yet, a third edition was organised. This time the competition took place on a Sunday, namely on the 30th of May. Already early in the morning the sun was shining bright and luckily most Tartletes brought sunscreen with them. Different events took place throughout the day, from throwing to running events. In total 31 Tartletes participated, this is not even including all the volunteers that helped us making this day a success. Pim and Leïla will share their experiences.

Pim: “At the “Wageningse Onderonsje”, I ran my 2nd ever 800m race. It was a perfect day for it, being one of the first days of the year with a nice temperature and only little wind. The 1st time I ran the 800m, earlier this year, there was nobody I could switch places with, so I basically ran what felt like a solo time-trial. This time was different though, as there were multiple people from both Tartlétos and Pallas that wanted to run around the same time as me. Because of this, I could just run in 3rd place the entire race and end with a sprint finish ending in 2nd place with a PB of over 5 seconds! Later in the afternoon, there was also a 3000m race and since my legs were feeling surprisingly good after my 800m race, I was keen to pace that race when Sten asked me to. 2.2km into the race, only Daniël and Sten were still with me and when I stepped out, they had a little battle before Daniël took off and ended up taking the win.”

Leïla: “On the 30th of may the third internal competition took place. I became a member of Tartlétos last September without any previous athletics experience and this was my first athletics competition. I had had the chance to stake out the atmosphere during the previous competition and this made me want to try it out for myself. This time we were a lot more lucky with the weather, it was a beautiful sunny day on the track. The first event I participated in was shot put. It was trickier than I had hoped, but this was not really surprising as I had only held a shot three times before, and this shot was heavier than the ones I had used during training. However, with the encouragement and tips from my fellow tartleets I managed to get a PR. Then came the long jump. This was also a case of remembering wat is was doing as I went. But this turned out quite well since I managed to better myself on every try. All in all it was a great experience that is definitely worth repeating!”

The day was closed off with a drink at the SportsPub which many Tartletes attended. It was nice that we were able to relax with a well-deserved drink and good company after our hard work.

All results can be found here. The photo’s that Charlotte took can be found here.