First competition

We were only allowed to train again for a few weeks, and then it was already time for the first competition of the season. However, a large group of Tartletes felt ready for this competition. We didn’t have to travel far, as this competition was held at our own track.

Early in the morning the first volunteers were already present. Five Tartletes had the honour to start the day, namely Inge, Aafke, Roel and Ton with shotput, and Marloes with polevaulting. Simone and Esther participated in the 100mh. Esther had a smile on her face the whole race, although it was her first athletics competition ever. During the 110mh it was an exiting race between Ton and Bas. Aafke and Marloes threw the javelin to decent distances, while Inge threw her discus to a magnificent distance of over 40 meter. Later, 8 athletes (Koen, Daan P, Pim, Dagmar, Brit, Lisan, Maaike and Marjolyne) ran a fast 800m, followed by the sprinters (Ton, Tim V, Aafke and Dorien) running 100m. Meanwhile Simone jumped to a beautiful height of 1.65m.  Wouter and Thomas V were running almost the same pace during the 400m, followed by Sabine, Elke and Chrisja. Tim R, Sten, Daan R and Tim V even managed to run 12.5 laps (5000m). The 200m series was filled with five fast athletes (Erik, Bas, Ton, Thomas V and Wouter), making it again a neck-and-neck race. To end the day, four teams participated in the Swedish relay.

At the end of the day everybody went home with a smile on their face. Let’s hope for more competitions like these this season!

All results can be found here, and this is the link to the photo’s.