NSK Ekiden

The first team competition of 2021, the Dutch Student Championship Ekiden, took place on the 11th of April. During this race three teams of six athletes each completed the marathon distance  in stages of 5, 10 and 7.2k. Although there was a stong and cold wind, all athletes managed to perform their best! Luckily there were also a lot of supporters present who helped the athletes run as fast as possible.  Eventually the “speedy six” team (Luca, Dagmar, Katja, Ties, Julien and Daan) managed to finish in 2:59:07 and ended in the 6th place. The Trimsalon team (Maaike, Jana, Chrisja, Tessa, Thomas and Stijn) managed to finish in 3:03:49 and ended in the 7th place. A big surprise awaited the Girlpower team (Anouk, Anna, Celine, Dana, Lisa en Marloes) because they ended up in the 3rd place with a time of 3:27:43. 

There was a great team spirit within Tartlétos and a lot of PB’s were broken, which was very nice to see!