Veluweloop 2021

On the 9th of October, the Veluweloop could take place again. In this relay race of 90 kilometers, you and eleven others run 12 stages over the Veluwe. This year, Tartlétos participated with 3 teams! Tartlétos Dreamteam managed to become first with 40 minutes ahead on the number 2! Cheetos’ Babies became 3th in the Student Rankings and Tartlétos Toppers finished in a very good time of 7 hours and 23 minutes! Below, you can find a match report of Mayra:

What started my first Veluweloop cold!! Sleepily gathered the many teams at the Bongerd and went fast into the misty forest by bike. I only had to run my stage in the afternoon but I did some warm up laps with my Tartlétos team through the coolness that hung between the trees. There was also an enthusiastic ambiance, happy excitement, between the many waiting teams. It promised to be a beautiful day and the sun shined through the leaves when the first runners made their way to the exchange point. A quick exchange of stuff and we also had to leave, to the re-start. The day flew past and it was my turn to run. Marloes followed me by bike and cheered me on during my short, but very beautiful route through the heather. With a new set of bikes (Monne’s mismatch could not be missed) we crossed through the woods and found our way back to Vredenoord. Everyone became more elated and energetic after every stage and I felt, even as a new member, a part of our teams. I told old friends from my former studentcity Nijmegen proudly that I now runned for Tartlétos. Between the runners, there was a social competitive ambiance, but above all, everyone enjoyed the relay-tension, the fact that there difficult stage was behind them and the lovely sun. And we all cheered loudly for the result of our Dreamteam!! Next year, I will definitely be there again ?