Introduction period Tartlétos

In September, a new academic year will start! Whether you have been living in Wageningen for a while or have just moved to Wageningen, everyone is welcome to join us! For the new students: during the AID we will be present during the clinics and workshops. If you are interested and would like to know more about us, come and try! We are also present at the information market, we would like to see you there!

From September onwards, we will have our training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (18:15h-20:15h). The warming up lap starts at 18:00h. In the first weeks of the academic year, we will organize introduction training sessions, so if you are interested to become a member you can join us during these training sessions! However, due to COVID-19, you have to subscribe yourself for these training sessions. Below you can subscribe to the training sessions in the first four weeks of the academic year.

For the technical disciplines see the division below.

Sign up for the training sessions and/or activities in the 4th week (20-10 till 24-10)

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