Team “Speedy Goldzales”: Racing Through Hail and High Winds to NSK Ekiden Triumph!

The first team competition of 2024, the Dutch Student Championship Ekiden, took place on the 23rd of March in Enschede, and once again, we were represented by a mixed team.

Despite facing strong, cold winds and occasional short but intense hail showers, all six athletes managed to give their best during the race. The team completed the marathon distance in stages of 5-10-5-10-5-7.2 km. Luckily the team, Jasmijn, Oxo, Cheetos and Speedy where present who helped the athletes run as fast as possible. Ultimately, the “Speedy Goldzales” team consisting of Ties, Eva, Thomas, Jan-Jaap, Esmé, and Mees crossed the finish line in 2 hours, 42 minutes, and 1 second, securing a respectable 3rd place.

There was a great team spirit within Tartlétos and PB’s were broken, which was very nice to see!

The results of NSK Ekiden’24 can ben found here and photos can be found here.