A flashback from the TACo activity Pooling

Written by Joost

On the 13th of march the door of the pooling centre got opened for us at exactly 7 o’clock and although for a moment it looked like we were lead to a sketchy upstairs room, the centre actually had a very pleasant atmosphere. Lots of people joined for this TACo activity, which was really nice to see! We had 4 tables at our disposal and after deciding which drinks would get the most out of our money, we are poor student after all, we could get started for two nice and competitive hours of pooling. There were some first time poolers joining this activity, but as most Tartlétes weren’t exactly pro either, this was no problem at all. Some of us showed some real progress during the evening, Chrisja would say you need a beer or two to enhance your playing skills. Others (me), seemed to decline as the evening continued, apparently beer does not work performance enhancing for everyone. We were able to exchange teams and tables a few times, despite the black ball not always wanting to go into the hole and everyone was able to play multiple games. In the background you could hear the loud knocks of the reals pros playing, although we would also likely played much better if we had such fancy equipment and gauntlets to play with. After 2 hours of fun and almost getting stared away by the people that wanted to play pool after us, it was time to leave. Some of us decided to go for a last drink at the Kater, where some hurtful jokes were made, some beers were drank and some nachos were eaten. All in all I would say it was a very successful evening and I would like to thank the TACo comity for organising this activity!