Dark Months Diehard circuit

After a few sunny weeks the temperatures are really dropping now, which means the real diehards can present themselves now. For all those diehards, the Dark Months Diehard circuit has started a few weeks ago. Because of that I can now present you the first interim ranking for the circuit.

After the first few competitions there are already over 40 athletes that have gathered points for the circuit, which makes it extra exciting. On top there are some athletes that have collected a lot of points, but as the season has just started, there are still way more points to be collected. The only thing you have to do for those points is just participate or volunteer in as much competitions as possible. Below is a calendar with the rules for the circuit and some of the competitions you can participate in, but of course there are a lot more. So keep on training and compete with everyone else for the much coveted title of Diehard 2019-2020!