De Vlaamsche Reus favourite café of Tartlétos

The contact between Café De Vlaamsche Reus, the special beer café in Wageningen, and Tartlétos have been improved last week. De Vlaamsche Reus has now again become the favorite pub of Tartlétos. In the past, the Vlaamsche Reus has been our favorite pub for years. After competitions the Tartléten came to celebrate their prizes in De Vlaam. At that time there was also a well-stocked prize cabinet in the cafe. After twenty years of little contact, the tires are tightened again. Tartlétos has been organizing drinks in the Vlaamsche Reus for some time now. Since last Thursday, 13 June 2019, a nice agreement has been concluded between both parties. The agreements were made definitive with a signature and a stamp. From now on, Tartléten will receive a discount on beer, soft drinks, coffee, tea, special beer and other drinks during drinks. We are of course very happy with this and we hope to enjoy it for a long time to come.


More information about the Vlaamsche Reus can be found at Here you will find extensive information about the complete range. This is definitely worth a look.


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