Second “Wagenings Onderonsje”

On the 27th of June the second “Wagenings Onderonsje” took place, which will probably be the last internal competition for now. The day started with the hurdles, where Ton ran a lonely race and Chrisja completed her first hurdle race ever. She had to hurry to be in time for the hammer throw in which she participated together with Inge and Marloes. In the meanwhile, Ton ran a good 200m race.

Later it was time to clear the track for the 1500m runners. Jana, Dagmar and Thomas vd H ran a strong race. In the meanwhile, Robbert jumped to a decent height. Inge and Aafke managed to threw the discus far into the grass field, whereafter Aafke had her second throwing event, namely javelin.

Time to put the starting blocks back on the track as the 100m and 400m followed. Ton and Stijn ran a thrilling race, finishing closely behind each other. During the 400m Thomas vd V managed to win the race, followed by Daan. Marjolyne broke her 400m with more than a second.

The last technical events of the day were long jump and shotput. In long jump six Tartletes participated (Stijn, Ton, Aafke, Anna, Jana and Dionne). Both Thomas vd H and Inge had good attempts during shot put. Lastly the Swedish relay was held in which Chrisja, Jana, Anna and Dionne fastly completed 2,5 lap together.

Some Tartletes took a dive in the Rhine afterwards to refresh. What a good way to end this competition day!