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Do you like to run, jump or throw? Then Tartlétos is something for you! 

Wether you’re running for fun, have been doing athletics since you were a little kiddo, or you just want to try out something new, Tartlétos welcomes you all! With more than 100 members, fanatical trainers and hard and fun trainings, there is something for everyone at our association.

Every Monday and Wednesday there is training from 17:45 PM. Due to corona, the training takes now place from 19:15 PM. You can join the running group of Tonnie Dirks or follow a technical training. Both groups are providing energetic warming-ups and are focussing on strengthening the core and bettering your coordination. After this warm-up you can choose wether you want to run, jump, throw etc. Our trainers are also providing technique training and or handmade schedules so you can prepare for certain competitions.

Are you considering becoming a member of Tartlétos? Then join us during our training! You can have four “trial” training sessions and it is non-committal. After this period we will ask you if you want to become an official Tartlete. The annual contribution is 31,50 euros a year. For this price you can train twice a week at the blue track near SCB De Bongerd and you are allowed to use the track beside training times. You do have to possess a sport card though.

Due to corona, you have to sign up for the training. This can be done by sending an email to in which you mention the group you want to train in (technical or running group). Are you curious when we train for which discipline? Check out the schedule below:

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To subscribe you can fill in a subscribe form and hand it in during our trainings. You can find one here:

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