NSK Teams

After a few months without competition, we were finally allowed to head to Hengelo the 5th of September, to participate in the NSK Teams. In the beautiful FBK Stadium we fought for the precious student title with 19 of our athletes.
After a great start, winning the relay, we already felt great. Everyone performed very good, and here and there, there was even an occasional PB. For a lot of athletes it was the first competition in a long time, so it was just used as a way to get the rythm back, or prepare for the upcomming competitions like NSK Baan, the 19th of September. With the men, the team was mainly formed around sprinters, which ment a lot of them had to do the technical events. The women had a very balanced team, with athletes in every specialization. Because of this, a lot of good performances could be seen, which ment everyone could go home happy after the final diner.
Lets hope we can see some more competitive action this season, paired with some great performances.