NSK Cross 2019

One of the beautiful Dutch Student Championships was scheduled for 26 January, this time the NSK cross in Amsterdam. After a smooth journey, warm up was a little less smooth. Loads of slithers and slides to be precise. Hill too hill with a muddy, just thawed surface. That’s why different people immediately thought of different sizes of spikepoints, from six to eighteen millimeters. First of all, the short cross (2.5k) was on the program. A flashy start, over mats so into the grassland. After having the first hills, the monster came. Downhill, back on and off again with the already heavy legs. Finally a good final shot and the fourth (Roel), fourth (Maaike), fifth (ThomasvdH), sixth (Maarten) and tenth (ThomasvdV) places are in. Afterwards it was time for the long cross (6 or 9) with about the same course and 1 or 2 laps more than the short cross. People enjoyed the gliding events that took place, but the Tartléten were well on their way with a first place for Renée, a sixth place for Margot and a twentieth place for Daan.

After the ceremony, the trip to the Olympic stadium followed in a very packed bus with all kinds of student-wise athletes. Then a good meal was served in the canteen of Phanos and it was time for a Zeus ALV. Many athletes returned home at this point, but a large group remained for a nice drink somewhere in a pub in Amsterdam. The next day we woke up with a nice breakfast with one and a half kilos of hummus, but unfortunately no coffee. Then there was a tour through the Olympic stadium on the program that suddenly was cancelled, so it was time to return to Wageningen after a really nice weekend.