Campus Run 2023

Do you want to see what all that time running has brought you, or do you want to reinforce your good intentions by participating in a competition in addition to your standard round? Register now for the Campus Run! Whether you’ve been running for years or just started, the Campus Run is for everyone! Last year’s results can be found here: click! Pictures of the Campus Run 2022 can be found here: click! 

You can register from March 2 via this link!! Pre-registrations close on March 24 at 11:59 PM, but you can of course still register on the day itself.

Campus Run
The Campus Run is a running race around the campus of Wageningen University. You can run 2.5km, 5km. In 2023 the Campus Run will take place on Tuesday March 28! Participation is open to all students, PhD students, employees of Wageningen University and other sports enthusiasts who are not registered with WUR. Costs for participation are €4.00 for registration, €4.50 for registration on the competition day.

In addition to it being a super fun race where everyone is welcome, this is also the qualification moment for the university team of the Batavierenrace!

The game will start around 6.45pm. The route can be found below, this is a round of 2.5 km that will be run 2x for the 5 km.

Team ranking
This year there is also a team ranking! Here you can try to conquer the first place in the team ranking together with your friends/housemates/colleagues. In a team of at least 4 people (of which at least 2 women), you all run the 5 km. The average speed of the team is determined on the basis of the best 4. The team that is fastest wins the first prize! Please note: everyone must register separately for registrations for the 5 km, with the team name in the description.

For further questions about the Campus Run, you can send an email to: