CoheCie: old-school P.E. activities

On Wednesday evening, April 24th, the CoheCie organized a fantastic night: everyone got to dive back in time and play old-school games like apenkooien and trefbal! A challenging course was set up, with the biggest challenge being the sliding mats (not the trampolines ;)). People jumped on and off cabinets, dashed over benches, and hopped from mat to mat to evade the taggers. It proved quite a challenge for Pim to tag everyone alone, so after 5 minutes, it was decided to have 2 taggers and 1 rescuer. This made it super exciting! Taggers and rescuers were constantly switched, and after everyone had taken on each role, they all looked like they had just finished the most intense interval training of the year. Then it was decided to play dodgeball. Each team got a cabinet to hide behind. Some participants were more talented at throwing than others (I am absolutely not talented) and some were also good at cheating ;). After nearly 2 hours, everyone was tired and not injured, so it was time to stop. It was a very successful evening, with the expected muscle soreness the next day, but it was all worth it! Another evening soon? Let the board know!!