Cheetos birthday Party

On the 25th of May, our beloved Cheetos turned 13 years young!

Of course, our party animal could not let this go by without a proper celebration, so Cheetos invited us and his mascotteefriends over to join his birthday party. For his birthday, he wanted to test the baking skills of us Tartletes, by hosting a baking competition. It is no birthday party without way too much cake, right?

On that note, four Tartlétes were so kind to bake a cake for the event, which we all got to try and rate based on looks and taste. After some thorough sensory evaluation, we came to an agreement. Though the scores were close to each other, we found that Chrisja had made the prettiest cake of the evening. Besides, from now on, Hannah will be named the bake a cake champion of Tartletos 2024, winning the prize for the overall best cake ánd best tasting cake! Anyhow, Cheetos is grateful for everyone that took the effort to bring something home baked, as well as for all his friends joining the party. Thank you for the nice evening!