Board 2022-2023


Chair: Lieke Faasen

Hello everyone!

My name is Lieke Faasen and I will be the chair of the board next year. I am 21 years old and I’m currently getting my master’s in nutrition and health. I’m originally from a town called Duiven (you’ll probably know it for its IKEA) but I moved to Wageningen for my bachelor.

When I was a kid I used to do gymnastics. After quite a few years I got tired of that and decided I wanted to do a different sport. Together with a friend we decided to try out athletics.
I trained at AV de Liemers in Zevenaar and did mainly running but also some technical athletics. I did athletics for a few years, I think from around 13 until 16 years old. During the last year of high school and during my bachelor I got busy with a lot of other things, so I quit athletics. I for example spent a lot of time with
friends from my study and went to a lot of activities at my study association Di-Et-Tri. For the first two years of my study I also went home to my parents a lot, and later I was also spending quite some time at work in a bar in Wageningen called Proost. Besides I spent my time reading, playing board games and I’m always up for getting a drink somewhere with friends. I did try to go to the gym sporadically, or go for a run if the weather was nice, but overall doing sports was not really at the top of my to-do-list the past few years ;).

A year ago I was a mentor during the AID and decided to check out the sports market for myself, as I was thinking about focussing more on sports again. I saw Tartlétos and thought it might be fun for me to get back into athletics again. The addition of many social activities was definitely a bonus. I’ve had a great time at Tartlétos this past year and I’m really glad that I joined the association!

I’m very excited to take on the task of board chair this year, and I hope that I can have an amazing year together with my fellow board members!

Secretary: Esmé Willemsen 

Hi everyone!

My name is Esmé Willemsen and I am 19 years old. This year I will be the new secretary. Currently I am in my second year of the bachelor Nutrition and Health. My hometown is Gendringen. This is a small place in the Achterhoek. I have been a member of Tartlétos for a year now. I am also a part of TartlEAT. This committee was a very nice way to get to know the people of Tartlétos a little bit better.

I actually do not come from the athletics world. Before I came to Wageningen, I have played
volleyball for a very long time. I started this when I was about five years old. Besides volleyball, I have always practiced a second sport. This second sport has changed a few times over the years. I have done sports like horse riding and dancing.

During my second year of high school. I had to participate in a running competition for one of my school subjects. I had to train a lot for this. During this period, I discovered that I really liked running so I continued running for about once a week next to playing volleyball.

When I came to Wageningen, I wanted to focus more on running. I thought that Tartlétos was the right place for this so now you can usually find me on the blue track during the training.
Next to running, I also like to do other things like doing group classes at the Bongerd, meeting with friends, walking and reading.

I’m really looking forward to my year in the board as secretary and I hope to see a lot of you on the track!

Treasurer: Jesse Joram Stork

Hello everyone,

my name is Jesse Joram Stork, I am 21 years old and was born in Surhuisterveen(Friesland). This year I will fulfil the role as treasurer within the board. I will combine this board year
with my bachelor international land and water management (BIL). I am currently in my second year and thought that this would be the perfect year for a position within the board.

My running career started when I was 16 years old. During holidays I was sometimes running, I really liked that even though I used very bad shoes. My parents thought if I really liked running, I should get a good pair of shoes. So I did, however I didn’t really like running in my hometown, so I decided to join the nearest athletics association. I really liked the association and stayed until I went to Wageningen to join Tartlétos. The main reason why I am running is being in nature and to be active. However I sometimes also like to participate in competitions. The distance that I run during competitions can differ from 5km to a marathon.

This will be my second year as member of Tartlétos. In my first year I was not very active, I mainly joined the trainings. I decided to join the board because I thought this was a good way to get more involved in the association. I am very excited for the upcoming year. I hope I will learn a lot and that it will be a great experience!

Competition commissioner: Stefano Bisello

Hi! I am Stefano and I will be your Competition Commissioner for this year!

I come from Italy and I am here (in theory) to study Environmental Science. Currently I am in my second year of Bachelor, but it’s easier to find me at the track or in the gym than at lectures. I have been doing athletics for almost ten years now (gosh am I getting old?) and it’s a big part of my life. I started training for many events as I think the most of us did, and after an ephemeral parenthesis of middle distance running, I focused on throwing and some sprinting every once in a while. Yeah, I know I am the slenderest thrower you have ever seen but my Italian metabolism does not allow me to gain weight, even eating massive amounts of food. Food is a really important thing for me, both concerning quality and quantity. At this point, my olive oil (extra virgin, always!) has reached the addiction level. Another thing that cannot miss from my shelf is pasta, which goes by a bag a day.

In my free time if I am not rotting on the couch I like to take naps in my bed to recharge my batteries for the next party. Another thing I really enjoy is travelling. When I have some free weeks I like to get my backpack and my sleeping bag and hitchhike somewhere, saving some money for spikes and beers. I also try to live the most sustainably I can and I am really passionate about environmental issues but every once in a while that salame or that chicken is too tempting and I get back to gluttony.

Well this was me, see you at the track!