Competition 21st ofApril 2024

On April 21st, the first track competition of the season took place in Ede. Due to renovations on our own track, we spent a lot of time training at the track in Ede last year (September/October), so it felt great to finally compete there instead of just practicing.

We set up our Tartlétos tent at a nice spot along the finish straight, and soon other Tartletes began to arrive at the track as well. While the weather the weekend before had been beautiful, unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky this weekend. It was a day filled with storms, and towards the end, we even experienced a huge rain shower with temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius.

Nevertheless, despite the challenging conditions, several personal records were broken, and some excellent times were achieved!

Here are the results for both senior men and women from WAV Tartletos:

Senior Men:

  1. 100m
    • Stijn van Nierop: 12.30s
    • Tim Weber: Personal Best (PB) 12.45s
  2. 200m
    • Ton Winkelmolen: PB 24.26s
  3. 400m
    • Stijn van Nierop: 53.90s
  4. 800m
    • Diede Wit: 2:00.91
    • Pim Scheiberlich: 2:04.14
  5. 5000m
    • Thomas van der Heijde: 16:25.06
  6. 110m hurdles (107cm)
    • Ton Winkelmolen: 17.69s
    • Tim Weber: 23.41s
  7. Zweedse Estafette
    • Team (D. Wit, S. Nierop, T. Winkelmolen, R. Sprenkels): 2:10.40
  8. Javelin Throw (800g)
    • Cedric Smits: PB 42.58m
  9. Discus Throw (2kg)
    • Robin Sprenkels: PB 33.11m
    • Thomas van der Heijde: Season’s Best (SB) 25.97m
  10. Shot Put (7.26kg)
    • Robin Sprenkels: 12.34m
    • Tim Weber: PB 10.34m
  11. High Jump
    • Thomas van der Heijde: PB 1.65m
  12. Pole Vault
    • Cedric Smits: 3.70m
  13. Long Jump
    • Cedric Smits: SB 6.14m

Senior Women:

  1. 100m
    • Floor Olthof: 13.71s
    • Chrisja van de Kieft: 14.24s
  2. 200m
    • Floor Olthof: 27.97s
    • Chrisja van de Kieft: 29.21s
  3. 400m
    • Eva Riemeijer:  PB 1:02.62
  4. 800m
    • Ynte Biemans: 2:27.26
    • Esmé Willemsen: PB 2:42.65
  5. 3000m
    • Tessa Rozemuller: 10:36.13
    • Dagmar van Esch: PB 12:47.49
  6. 100m hurdles (84cm)
    • Eva Riemeijer: 18.21s
  7. Zweedse Estafette
    • Team (C. Kieft, E. Riemeijer, E. Willemsen, J. Hoevers): 2:42.34
  8. Javelin Throw (600g)
    • Esmée Weber: PB 28.38m
  9. Discus Throw (1kg)
    • Inge de Willigen: SB 36.91m
    • Esmée Weber: PB 31.44m
  10. Shot Put (4kg)
    • Esmée Weber: SB 10.27m
    • Inge de Willigen: SB 9.54m
  11. High Jump
    • Marloes Abbink: 1.35m
  12. Triple Jump
    • Floor Olthof: 9.73m
    • Marloes Abbink: 8.99m

From the sidelines, fellow Tartletes cheered each other on to the finish line, fostering a strong team spirit. Some of our athletes even excelled in events they don’t typically compete in, so a big thank you to Thomas for stepping in for the high jump and Robin for showcasing his sprinting skills in the 100m! Don’t forget that Daan and Ties helped our team as volunteers and officials during the competition.

After enduring a heavy rain shower during the women’s relay, the whole team drove back to Wageningen, where we enjoyed a good and cozy pizza dinner at the Trimsalon.

Currently, both the men’s and women’s teams are safely ranked in the 2nd division, holding positions 17 and 26 respectively.

Some beautiful pictures were taken on this day, which can be found here. All results can be found here.