A flashback from NSK indoor 2024

On the 2nd of March a delegation of brave tartleets made their way to Apeldoorn to test their talent and hardwork against all the other students of the Netherlands! Omnisport still is very impressive and a special thanks to Phoenix for a good organization!
First up were the men 60m hurdles where Joost and Cedric both ran a decent race: Joost ran a PB and Cedric equaled his. Next up was Stijn at the 60m flat where he ran a seasons best and he was cleary happy with his performance! Not much later the 800m for men and woman took place. For the men Diede and Matthijs stood at the starting line and for the woman Eva and Esmé. Diede ran a good race but was not completely satisfied as he wanted to run under 2 minutes: you will get there!! Matthijs took the victory in the 800m as he put on an acceleration that nobody could follow, and we gained our first medal! Esmé was up and boy she did not disappoint, after crossing the finish line she ran a 4 second PB and ran 11 seconds faster than she did last year indoors, what an improvement! But not only Esme ran a PB, Eva also took her moment of shine and ran a 2 second PB, she was so delighted! Next up was the 200m for men where we saw Stijn and Joost again. Joost ran again a PB, he was on fire! Oh and I almost forgot to mention that our old and trustworthy Pocket Rocket Erik was also there and got the win in an again insanely fast time! At the same time Cedric started the longjump. The decathlete jumped three times over his PB and ended up in 3th place! Afterwards he said that he was aiming for Jelgers club record but that still stands firm! Then Hannah one of our new Talents at Tartlétos was up for her NSK indoor debut in the 3000m and man she killed it! She became first and also ran a massive PB of 8 seconds. As shy as she is I think we can all agree that we are super proud!! On the infield Franka started with the triple jump and represented us as the only female jumper that day!

Then the 400m was up again for the men and yeah, you probably guessed it, Pocket Rocket did it again. In cruise control he ran to first place and became a double champion!

In the mean time Cedric was also up on the track again, just this time with a 4.60m stick in his hand as he stood ready to start the pole vault competition. After moving up two poles in stiffness he equalled his PB but unfortunately could not jump further after injuring his lower back, next time you will get there! Now get ready for the beast himself, our giant of a man Robin started his shotput competition and he had something to prove cause last year he became 3th so he wanted to keep that spot. And well he did, with an almighty roar and a good throw he secured an 3th place!

Oh and by the way Eva thought one PB wasn’t enough so she also ran an 1500m PB and ran under 5 minutes for the first time and gaining a second place in the process! Then Cedric still had his 60m hurdles final, unfortunately his back gave out but he had an amazing day overall! Last but not least we had the 4x400m where Matthijs, Diede, Oxo and Erik secured a victory! It was an amazing day and we can be proud of all these Tartleets!!

Beautiful pictures form this succesfull day, can be found here. All results can be found here.