NSK Teams

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Amerikaans Engels.

Last Saturday it was time for NSK Teams! A lot of enthusiastic Tartlétes went to Utrecht to participate in the competition or to help as a volunteer. At half past twelve the flag parade started, where you could see all the different student athletic associations walk across the track with their team and their flag.

The boys team was a promising team and we hoped that they could win a medal for Tartlétos. They were in fourth place for a big part of the day, only one point behind Utrecht. We had three second places today. Jonas came in second at the 200 meter hurdles and the 300 meters. Jelger got the second place in long jump. Also, Ton run the 200 meter hurdles. Although he had never run the 200 meters before he had a really good time. Thomas also run the 300 meters and became 5th out of the 14th people. The day started with javelin, were Wouter represented Tartlétos. Jelle and Ton finished right behind each other at the 100m, becoming 6th and 7th. The 1000m was run by Koen and Niek. Koen became third, thereby adding some more points to the Tartlétos score. The 2000 meter steeple chase was run by Tim. He reached the finish line in 7 minutes and 20 seconds. Freek reached the 28,5 meters with discus throw and became 6th of the 11 people who joined. He also became 6th out of 11 with shot put. Unfortunately, our 4x 100 guys team was disqualified, due to a change which was a bit too late. After only a few minutes rests some of the boys of the 4x 100 m relay team were expected to run the Olympic relay, where we got fourth place. Eventually we became fifth with 75 points. Amsterdam became first with 109 points, Nijmegen second with 92 points and Utrecht third with 84 points.

The girls team consisted of almost only runners/sprinters today. We had only Joanna and Janine who were specialized in something else than running, namely long jump and javelin. Therefore, Mirit had to do discus, Elke high jump and Laura shot put. Overall, we had some nice results. Our 4x 100m ladies team became first. Joanne became second on the 100m.Tessa also run the 100mand become 8th. We had three third place: on the Olympic relay, Joanna became third with long jump and Maaike became third on the 200mhurdles. The ladies even beat our club record with six seconds. Mirit also run the steeple chase, in which she became 5th. The 300 m was run by Elke and Anouk. Elke was doing long jump at the same time, which made it a bit difficult to plan. Eventually, we became sixth with 68 points. The first place was again for Amsterdam with 96 points, second place was for Kronos with 83 points and third place for Eindhoven with 72 points. So, we were close to the third place ;).

After the competition it was time for master mind. You could sign up in a team of three or four people and try to guess the code as quick as possible. Unfortunately, Tartlétos appeared not to be really good at this game. Dinner was ready after the game had ended. They had more than enough food and with a well filled stomach we went to the party. A lot of Tartlétos joined the party. We showed that we are really good drinkers and it became a really funny and nice evening.