The Batavierencommittee has been set up to gather the 25 fastest running students of Wageningen. These women and men will form the university team of Wageningen University & Research and battle for the title. The Batavierenrace is the largest relay in Europe and runs from Nijmegen to Enschede (a distance of more than 175 km!). For more information see:

The committee is responsible for making running, cycling and driving schedules so that everything on the day itself will go smoothly. They also provide a dinner and trainingsweekend for the runners in where the final instructions will be given.

In addition to the university team, the Batavierencommittee also takes care of the composition of a Tartlétosteam!

The Bata444committee currently consists of:
Luca Reiniers
Roel Kox
Daan Reijnen
Celine Verstegen
Guus Heijnen

Do you have a question / comment to the committee or do you know an undiscovered runner/talent studying in Wageningen?