Second Competition meeting

On May 26 it was time. After months of preparation by AV Climax and our lovely race commissioner home, both competition teams (men and women) were able to show their worthy performances in Ede. Four different parts started right away around twelve o’clock. Hille came to a very good throw of 57.61m with javelin, Maarten ran more than 10 seconds from his PR to the 3000m steeple with a time of 10:14.89, Linda hit a good 11.39m with shot put and Jelle came to a height of 1m50 in high jump. At one o’clock it was Joana and Jonas’s turn in the 100m. With a time of 12.79, Joana equaled her PR and Jonas ran a magnificent time of 10.99. The strong tailwind unfortunately meant that the times cannot be seen as the best of the season.

Meanwhile, Rick did shot shotput (8m17), Marloes pole vaulted (2m60, a new club record!), Maaike was throwing javelin (25m34) and Thomas attempted to do some long jump (4m58). Moments later it was Dorien’s turn at the 400m. Even with an irritated hamstring she came to a time of 1: 04.87! After Dorien, Koen was also allowed to stand at the start of the 400m. He initially intended to run backwards but was informed by the lovely start coordinator (Merle) that he had to turn his shirt around for a moment. Just over two, the 400 meter hordes took place, Maaike ran to a time of 1: 11.22 and Jonas to 55.22. In the meantime, Joana jumped far with a lot of wind in the back to a distance of 4.97 m, Marloes pushed the shot to 9 m43 and Koen jumped 1m65 with high jump. Judith and Anouk E. ran the 200m at three o’clock. Anouk bad the 30s barrier with a time of 29.34 and Judith ran 27.77. As usual, the men came after the ladies. Jelle ran 24.21 and Erik just didn’t manage to break the 23 limit and came to 23.02. Moments later Thomas made another attempt to hit a shot and came to 8m70. The flat 3000m was a prey for Luca and Laura. Like two leopards, they raced to times of 11: 22.92 and 11:54.84.

Marloes was responsible for the final technical part. With javelin throw she came to a nice distance of 25m06. Roel and Daan raced in the 1500m to 4:12.00 and 4:34.74 respectively. As before, the relay races were the last event. With the men, Thomas was so impressed by the good performances that he himself could not take another step and was replaced by Koen. The men’s team came to a time of 45.19 and the women to 53.13. Afterwards we barbecued with Climax. It was very tasty and fun. Thanks to everyone for the great day and organization!


*CREDITS* (with music)

This competition was made possible by;

Anouk van Gaans (Bullets delicious in the dust)

Daan Reijnen (bring back 50000m javelin)

Jules van Dijk (the legendary material man)

Merle Schots (Turn over your shirt boy)

Jelger Elings (I only run laps)

Tessa Rozenmuller (I also do laps)

Kris de Kreek (Little dusty here)

Martijn van der Vis (Raking in your training suit)

Roel Kox (Only fixed a few people )