Tartlétos weekend

Friday April 10 till 12, it was time again for the most beautiful weekend of the year: the Tartlétos weekend! Around 7 p.m., about 20 Tartlétos arrived at the scouting in Nijmegen for a nice weekend in the theme Crime Time!

The weekend started with a nice dinner, after which everyone chilled at the bonfire. After it turned dark, it was time for the first activity in the forest. The escaped prisoners had to move the stolen money to a secret location as soon as possible, but had to do assignments on their way. Here they had to make sure they could run away with the total amout of money. It was very pleasant to watch! Somewhere in the night it was time to head back to the scouting. Some have played games and had drinks for some more hours.

Saturday it was time to head to Nijmegen city centre. It was time for a crazy 88 in combination with a ‘fox hunt’. Competitors had to do assignments to get a hint to the next fox and so on. It was very much fun! Meanwhile, Laurelynn and Marijke ‘scored’ the NSK track 2016 for Tartlétos! After that, it was time for lots of fries on a table and attack! With full stomach, it was time for a pub quiz, after with of course Nijmegen centre was made unsafe!

Sunday started with gymnastics by Esther (I think she has a secret career) and Laurelynn. Everyone joined very enthusiastic! After that it was time for nice games in the forest. Unfortunately, after that it was time to pack the bags and return home, after a stop at McDonalds. Thanks for coming everyone!