Tartlétos women on their way to the promotion game

Last Sunday it was time for the second competition game of the season. Where the previous game was close to home for both the men and the women, this time a trip had to be made. The gentlemen went to AV Sprint in Breda, while the women just went the other way to AAC ’61 in Assen. It promised to be one of the hottest days of the week. In Assen, Linda van de Lagemaat was the first Tartleet to come in action that day, with shot-put. Not only did she get a PR by pushing the ball to a distance of 11.68, that distance was enough to take the lead in her group. Eventually, that distance was even enough to win the shot-put  that day. This way  the first points were scored. While Linda was at shot-put, Lianne Bouwman and Merle Schots were preparing for the 800m. Merle was the first Tartleet to pass the finish with a time of 2:43.43 which gave her 7th position in the class. Lianne passed the finish one second later and after this part the ladies were ready for today. Joana Vitorino had no competition at the triple jump, choosing for the 9-meter beam. With a distance of 10.81 meters, she managed to jump the team to another victory.

It took a long time before the 100 meters started due to problems with the starting gun. Tessa Kramer and Charlotte van Haren tried to make the waiting time as pleasant as possible, by sitting under a parasol to create some shadow.  Eventually it was time for the ladies to run their race. Charlotte became shared third, with a new PR of 13.30. Judith de Heer showed her old club that she could also compete for another team when she appeared at the start of the 400m hurdles. With more than half a second ahead of the competition, she won the event and placed Tartlétos jet again as first. That would also remain the same, because of the shared first spot that Linda achieved at the high jump with 1.55 meters.

Fortunately, other associations could also win a victory, at 200 meters, for example. There Joana had to do it with a second place in a time of 27.18. In the same series, Dorien ran a PR at the 200m in a time of 28.42, enough for a third place on the part. At the javelin Judith Kas was first in turn, after which Janine de Wit could start in the next group. Judith made a nice start with points for Tartlétos by achieving a fourth place with 27.47 meters. Janine, recovered from an ankle injury, finished off by winning second place with 34.22 meters. Perhaps the fiercest distance of the day due to the huge heat was the 3000 meters where Laura Schumacher would compete for the points. Her PR was greatly improved to a time of 11:57,52 and this made a fourth place. Before starting the relay, the Tartlétos team was already head first in the poule, but that did not mean that there wasn’t a bit of pressure on the relay. Linda fell out due to injury just before preparation, which allowed Dorien to take her place. Something were changed in the order that Charlotte would start, then Joana, Dorien and Judith de Heer had to bring it home. After the first turn, Charlotte first gave her the stick over to the next runner. Joana managed to keep that position, but for Dorien it became more difficult in her turn, making it a neck to neck race. Judith de Heer eventually managed to leave the competition behind and helped the ladies team to a first place. The ladies ended the day with a first place in the poule and a fifth place nationally. If this goes on, then the promotion game is getting closer!
Although Breda is almost on the other side of the Netherlands, compared to Assen, it was also warm. That did not prevent the men’s team from doing their best. Maarten van Doornik was allowed to finish the 3000 meter steeple chase. Maarten has achieved a good improvement on this event by reaching 10:24,76 on the finish, well in sixth place. The javelin was deposited in the hands of Olivier Klijn and Martijn van der Vis. Olivier managed to win the third position with a new PR of almost 5 meters. Unfortunately, competition at high jump was just a bit more though for Olivier than last time, making it this time with 1.85 meter height, instead of 1.90 meters from last. Still good for a 5th place.

At the shot-put Martijn won the points for Tartlétos when he managed to shot 11.13 meters. Enough to stay in the middle of the class. Promoting is not the goal of the men’s team, which is staying in the 2nd division and being accompanied by the ladies again. Jelger Elings jump of 6.26 meters at long jump was a good contribution to that mission, with a 6th place. At the 400 meters both Arjen Venema and Jelle ten Harkel appeared. Although Arjen had the better papers at that distance, the eyes were focused on Jelle because he trained much harder on the event. The prediction of Dinie Jansen that Jelle was going to win the battle became a reality. The man improved at the same time, resulting in an end time of 55.29. The first victory of the gentlemen came only in the second half of the afternoon, when Jonas Pannevis hit the 400 meter hurdles to the finish at a time of 54.71. That’s also another PR for him. At the 200 meters, Gijs Konings improved his PR by losing 0.48 seconds in a time of 23.75. At the 1500 meters, the shape of Joep Kluwen was good. He ran the event in a time of 4:18,84 a new personal record and finishing 11th. As with the ladies, the men also closed the day with the relay. The men Jelger, Gijs, Jonas and Elmar van der Wijk formed a team together and managed to win the fourth place. That was a great achievement as 5 of the men’s teams were disqualified on the event and had to go home without points.
All in all, it was a day full of excitement and sensation. The ladies are hard on their way to go to the promotion match, while the men are already doing good enough in the second division. Hopefully the ladies will continue the winning strike, so the two groups will be reunited next year in the second division.