Great NSK Cross

By Anouk Eijkelboom 

The 13th of January the NSK Cross took place. I already looked forward to this competition for a very long time, because I had the honor to organize this competition together with Joran, Jacco and Michael. The day before Elke, Jacco, Arjen and me were baking pancakes for around four hours, in which we baked 200 pancakes. Next day Jacco and I were in the car at 8.15 to arrive in Ede at 8.45, after being completely lost several times. Luckely finaly Jacco knew the way. When we arrived a couple of men from Climax helped us to set up our tent and then we started to wait for the first students to arrive. At 10.30 a lot of students arrived all at once, under which a lot of Tartlétes. At 11..45 the start of the short distance for both men and women took place. Koen Janssen got the third place, followed by Arjen Venema who took the 7e place and Fransesco Garassino had the 20th place. Judith de Heer almost won a medal with the short cross, she became 5th and only needed to be 12 seconds faster to be third. Dionne Ruijter and Marleen van Rijn finished with a time of 16.12 and 17.02 respectively. At 12.10 the long cross started. A lot of Tartlétes participated in this race. Joanne Siccama became 4e with a time of 26.23 and unfortunately just missed a podium spot. Laura Kesels became 6th, Jana Bruijn 9th and Dagmar van Esch 10e. Also, four Tartlétes participated in the long distance cross. Lars van Galen became 6th of the 15th participants, Maarten van Doornik 8th and Robin Baas 14th. Jacco Bontekoe, after being busy organizing all day, still had energy to run a race and became 9th. After the races the award ceremony took place and everyone moved to the clubhouse of Climax for a pancake lunch. It was a great day and I really loved that so many people came and hopefully had a really nice day!