Run2Day Cross Relays

20 February, Saturday afternoon, the traditional cross relay took place in Nijmegen. Tartlétos was joining of course, although it was no the 10x1K as usual but the 4x400m which was held for the first time. Beforehand, the competition didn´t look that strong since there was only one other time enlisted, but finally three more times were willing to compete and subscribed on the spot. The parcours were quite technical with a lot of roots and two sharp turnings, which is really difficult for the high speeds that are reached on a 400m. Laurelynn was to start for the `10x1K is too long”.Between mostly men, she managed to keep up with the others and entered the track on the fourth place. She passed the carrot to Mart and he knew what he had to do: overtaking the others, exactly what he loves mostly. He succeeded pretty well, he entered the track just behind the second and caught up with them on the track so Koen got the carrot the first. He conserved the first place and extended the lead on the track with a strong sprint so Martijn could conclude the race with a comfortable lead. He didn´t do anything crazy and could even extend the lead in the last 100m. A nice victory with the first time 4x400m cross relay.