NSK Ekiden 2017

On Saturday 13th May, NSK Ekiden took place, in the southern city of Eindhoven. Asterix had made a course on the campus of 2.5 kilometers. How many laps there needed to be run depended on the distance in the ekiden. Tartlétos appeared with two teams at the start, one mixed team that included both women and men and a complete men team with some help from the gentlemen of Rotterdam.  In the mixed team the following runners participated: Judith Kas, Jana Bruijn, Marijke Olthoff, Laura Schumacher, Christiaan van der Gaag and Julien van Dijk. The mens team consisted of: Thaem Mous, Tim van Rooij, Maarten of Tournai, Melle Koelewijn, Ahmed Mustafa and Menno Mertens. The last two gentlemen came from Rotterdam. It was a tough relay, through the smothery air and the many straight lanes where the wind was blowing straight in the face. Many of the tartlets were exhausted when passing the finish line. At the mixed team, Laura was the last one to finish. The time run by the team was enough for the third place on the stage. Unfortunately, the mens team had a bit less luck, the competition was great so they did not made it on stage. After the game, the sadness of the men could happily be drowned with beer during the barbecue, followed by a pub quiz and of course a party. The stuffy air did not make it easy for the runners, but it still was a nice NSK Ekiden 2017.