NSK Track in Groningen

Last Ascension Day, one of the largest NSKs took place, the Dutch Student Championship Track. Vitalis had the great pleasure of organizing this event, which meant that other associations could perhaps (and most of the time not) be on time for the jury meeting on Thursday morning after milking the cows. A total of 13 athletes participated for Tartlétos. Judith was the first to start, with the 100m. She finished the shortest sprint distance in 13.85. After the women the men were allowed to start, this time with Ken and Jelle. Jelle ran to a time of 12.19 and Ken 11.59 despite strong headwind. Ken’s time was even good for a place in the final! In that final he was unable to improve himself (11.63), but he came in a nice second place! Maarten and Joran were next, this time at the 1500m. It was Joran’s turn in the first series and set a time of 4:43.74, a new PR! It was Maarten’s turn in the second series. He came to a very good time of 4:22.31.

In the meantime, a number of real powerhouses made the shot-put ring unsafe. Judith, Maaike and Charlotte came to great distances of 8m60, 8m18 and 5m20 respectively. Moments later, Maaike participated in the 400m. There, she came to a time of 1:02.60. A new PR for her too! Later she was allowed to show her talents in the final again and with a time of 1:03.70 she showed that two 400ms one day are in her ally too! Stijn also reached the 400m. With a time of 53.77 he was not very satisfied, but still there was a relay to come. The inverted Swedish relay race (100-200-300-400) was a prey for the strong “men’s” team. Substitute Judith let her testosterone speak and kept up well with the rest of the field. Jelle and Thomas vdV were able to sprint to number one and Stijn could refer this number one to a step lower. With a time of 2:07.70, the time was certainly not bad either!

After a short evening and also a stormy night (highway and a rough rain shower), it was Maaikes turn again, this time at her most favorite distance, the 800m. After discussing whether there were enough participants, Maaike still came to a time of 2:25.34 and was allowed to take the third place. Now it was the turn of the men and women with the slightly longer breath. Luca again ran a strong 3000m and came to a time of 11:22.45. Among the men there was a fierce battle in the 5000m between Daan and Joran, in favor of Joran (18:16.31). After a lot of taking the lead and running alone, Daan was not very satisfied, but the focus can move forward again and the 18:29.54 can be a lot sharper.

Roel also participated in the 5000m, after a real “boemel” race and afterwards some protests he came to a time of 15:54.48 and a second place on the podium! After the longest distance there was another nice sprint distance, the 200m. Jelle and Stijn both ran a very good race. Jelle came with a time of 24.58 just too short for series win and Stijn was 23,87 through the time through to the final. There he managed to improve his time and came to 23.59. Thomas vdV was allowed to show his class at the 400mH between the series and the final. With a time of 1:00.02 he just couldn’t break the minute barrier, but he did race to a nice third place! Joana was of course also present again and was able to show off her qualities on the triple jump. With a jump of 11.28 she could take the title home again, but for the last time.

Afterwards there was a playful part, 4x60m on flippers. Everyone enjoyed the great chaos, but there were also many concerns that Roel, who participated with Kronos, got off the highest podium without injury. In the evening there was another party with the theme “Tanking in your Tanktop”. It was again a very memorable event!!