NSCH Track 2017

This year there was again a large group of Tartlets present at the NSCH Track, which was organized by Kronos, in Enschede. The sun did not always show, but still it was a very hot day. The first tartleets that came into action at the game were Judith Kas and Elise Pelgrim, at shot-put. Unfortunately, their shot distances were not enough to end high in the rankings. In the 100m men, on the other hand, there was reason for joy, as both Martijn van der Vis and Gijs Konings managed to place themselves for the final. Gijs also managed to improve his PR by finishing at 11.85. During the discus throwing, Bibi Lotte van der Horst scored 44.29 meters which was enough to come in first position, but unfortunately she could not get a medal because she is no longer a student. The first medal of the day for a Tartleet was taken by Elke Molenaar. She won the silver platter at the 800 meters. Margot Rijsman finished with an 8th place in the middle. During the javelin of women, a battle between Judith and Elise came about who could throw further. It was an exciting duel, after each throw, one smashed the throw of they other, but in the end Judith won it with a 27.12-meter throw from Elise. At long jump, Jelger Elings won a very nice bronze medal with a jump of 5.93 meters. At the same time, Maarten van Doornik was fighting at the 5,000 kilometers. He broke his old PR by running in a time of 16: 48,16. The match day ended with the 100 meter finals, where Martijn fought hard. That has paid out, he earned a silver medal to take home.
On Sunday it was time for the real closing of the NSCH Track 2017, namely the Olympic Relay. The relay was held during the Fanny Blankers-Koen Games in Hengelo. Among the ladies, the Wageningen team was fully occupied by Tartlétos ladies: Judith de Heer, Merle Schots, Charlotte van Haren and Laurelynn Cornfield. Of the six women’s teams, they would finish as 5th, but they have improved the club record on the event. With the men Maarten participated in a team of students from other cities. There was also a Wageningen men team present, consisting of: Pieter Mijnhout (who is not a Tartleet), Jelger, Martijn and Gijs. A team of Enschede beat them, but they could still take a silver medal home. After the relays, a group of tartlets continued to watch the game before returning to Wageningen again. The game season is in full swing and next Friday the Tartlétos Loopgala and NSK Meerkamp will be on the program.