New technical trainer

Hello all! Most of you have probably already seen me walk on the beautiful blue tartan track of Wageningen. Since June I have been the new technical trainer with a focus on the throwing events. This way I would like to introduce myself to you.

My name is Davey Beuving, I am 31 years old and I lived in Ede until October 2018. These days I live with my girlfriend Romy in Duiven. In daily life I work in Bilthoven at the Europian Fire Protection Consultants (EFPC) as a designer of fire protection systems.

At the end of 1994 I took my first steps on the athletics track as a pupil at Athletics Association Climax in Ede. In my pupil age, I already focused on javelin. When I became B junior I started to specialize in this event. In 2009 I threw my PR of 59.44 meters, but unfortunately I also broke my elbow after which I did not reach that level anymore.

In 2004 I started at Climax as a trainer, where over the years I have given all kinds of training groups from pupils to G-athletes to the bootcamp group. I have also been active for four years as Coordinator of Track Athletics in the Board. Nowadays I only work as a throwing trainer at Climax, the same position that I will now fill in at WAV Tartletos.

After high school I started, first at MBO level and then at HBO level, sports training. For this I have obtained my papers so that I can give sport lessons at every level. I use this experience and the experiences I have gained in my training. For me, pleasure is the most important, this will always serve as the basis for my training.

I hope to grow together with you in a pleasant environment! See you on the track!