Dutch Relay Championships

Sunday September 27th, the Dutch Relay Championships took place. Tartlétos was represented by two teams, a mens team with Jelger, Jonas, Martijn en Jelle and a womens team with Joanne, Merle, Lotta en Lianne.
The mens team started first, in the swedisch relay, and directly with succes! They won a silver medal and broke the clubrecord in a time of 2:02.31!
Next it was time for the ladies to run the 4x800m! They ran a nice race in a time of 10:37.81. However the time was only 3 seconds slower than 2 years ago where (almost) the same team won a bronze medal, this time the field was a bit stronger and they ended in a 5th place. The girls are still very happy with this result!
Last the mens team ran again, this time the 4x200m! Their goal was to break another club record, but unfortunatly they had some bad luck with the switches, and therefor it didn’t work out all the way they wanted. But they still finished in a 5th place with a time of 1:35.04. The next time they are definately breaking the club record!