The ladies competition team to the promotion game!

Last weekend was the final competition game of the season. The temperature began to rise a lot while the ladies competition team went to Emmen. The ladies were able to get a spot in the shade, which made the day a lot more enjoyable. The first to start was Judith Kas on the 100 meter hurdles. The race did not go surprisingly well, but Judith managed to stay in front of AAC ’61, the biggest competitor for the day. At the shot put, Linda van de Lagemaat won and earned the most points. At the 100 meters both Joana Vitorino and Charlotte van Haren took action, with Joana playing a good race. Her goal of finishing in less than 13 seconds was reached, as she did the event in 12.88 seconds. That time was also good for a shared second place at the event.

As those ladies walked their race, the parents of Judith de Heer arrived. They had taken a children’s pool, two buckets and a parasol with them from Assen for the girls to enjoy. The bath was a real hit, almost every present tartleet sat in the water with their feet and many other athletes walked by with a jealous look on their face. At the high jump, Linda jumped a height of 1.55. Nevertheless, there was nothing to regret, the team who scored as many points on this part did worse overall than the Tartlétos ladies. At 400 meters, there was another convincing win, because Judith de Heer ran to the finish in a time of 1:00,22. In the meanwhile, Mariëlle de Rijk began a new event, the hammer throwing. This was her first time competing at the event and not without success. With a distance of exactly 30 meters she took the lead in the class. The distance was even further than she had intended with Dinie.

The biggest battle in the heat was endured by Laura Schumacher and Merle Schots as they raced the 1,500 meter in the burning sun. Laura dived just over her PR at a time of 5:30,78 but took the sixth place for Tartlétos. For Merle it was her first 1,500 meter on the track, which she managed to walk in a time of 5:46.31. During the last event for Linda of the day, she did not manage to become first in place. She jumped  5.11 meters and thus a second place. The ladies were well underway to also win the poule this time. Joana ran the 200 meters in 27.21, a nice third time. The last event of the day, the 400 meter relay, was also one of the most exciting parts. The major competitor, AAC ’61, was not in the same series, making it more difficult to estimate whether Tartlétos had a head start during the race. Judith de Heer, Elise Pelgrim, Laurelynn Cornfield and Joana have fought on the 4×400 and that has yielded its benefits. Ladies’ time (4: 20,60) was ultimately ample enough to leave the other teams behind. Again the ladies became first in their poule and the number of scored points in the third division were even national first for this game. Distributed over the three games, the ladies won a fourth place in the third division. That place is enough for the ladies to go to the competition in September! The first goal has been achieved for women to go to the competition. Promoting to the second division is now getting closer.

There was little pressure on the men’s team, because they couldn’t get to the promotion game but they couldn’t go back to the third division as well.  The men went to a game quite close to home, namely in Nijmegen. The first to start was Jelger Elings at the 110 meter hurdles. That went well because he managed to improve his PR with 5 hundred to a time of 17.02. After trying out high jump, Olivier Klijn also tried triple jump. He did not do that without success, with a distance of 12.84 meters, he managed to win a sixth place and that for the first time. At the 800m both Christaan ​​van der Gaag and Maarten van Doornik appeared, the latter would get the points for Tartlétos by reaching the finish line in a time of 2:03.81. After the triple jump, Olivier went on to the pole vault and he apparently did that without seeming effort. With a height of 4 meters he managed to win a fourth place without a problem and again a new PR. Dinie Jansen would have to hand out a lot of chocolate bars.

At the 100 meters, Martijn van der Vis and Jelle ten Harkel had to put up with places in the bottom half of the class. Gijs Konings managed to improve his own PR at 400 meters by finishing in a time of 52.19. This is almost two full seconds faster than his old PR. It also gave him a  fifth place in a 17-man squad. This final game it was Jelger who would score the points on the high jump. He eventually managed to get over the 1.80 meter to win a shared fourth place. Tim van Rooij first appeared for Tarlétos at a competition match. He did at the 5k in the burning sun. With a time of 17:25,40 he scored a 12th place. On the short sprint the competition was strong and it turned out again at the 200 meters, where both Gijs and Jelle ended in the bottom half of the race. Jelle sharpened his PR at the 200m again by fetching 10 hundredth of his time and finishing at 24.27. Martijn managed to shot put to a distance of 11.97, a new PR. It was also a fifth place among the gentlemen. As a closing relay there was a 4×400 meter on the program. For Tartlétos this would be run by Maarten, Jelger, Jelle and Martijn. The team managed to finish in a time of 3:37.82, winning a sixth position. All in all, a great day for the gentlemen who ended the day together with the ladies at the Trimsalon for the annual Braai (BBQ).