Resumption of training

Dear Tartlétes,

Good news; we can start training again (on mondays and wednesdays)! However, this must be done under strict conditions to ensure the safety of everyone. Always make sure there is at least 1,5 metres between you and others. We currently have a maximum of 40 participants for our training, so we are going to work with the site’s registration system. Track training on Mondays and Wednesdays start at 7:15 PM instead of 5:45 PM and will run until 9:00 PM. You are only allowed to train on the track on these times, all other times the track is still off limits. There is no joint warm-up lap on campus, so we advise people to come to the training running. Keep in mind that if you have not done anything or not a lot the load of two track trainings can be a lot. For the time being, only the track training will be started on Monday and Wednesday, but from next week online strength training will come on Thursdays. During the training there are a number of rules that we must adhere to, all of which are in the protocol at the bottom of this page. Make sure you have read this protocol completely! If people do not adhere to it, we are forced to send these people home.

For any questions, you can always contact the board at

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