Group division for the running group

Till 30th of September it is mandatory to sign up for the training via de website if you want to join a training!

It looks like we will soon be able to train normally again and it will no longer be necessary to keep an attendance list. This means that everyone can come and train whenever they want without having to sign up in advance!

However, the running group is so large that it will continue to train in 2 groups. One group will be led by Tonnie and the other by our assistant trainers. To ensure that these groups are fairly divided and everyone rotates between the assistant trainers and Tonnie, we would like to make 2 groups. On this basis you as an athlete know who you have training with on which day of the week. This may sound a bit cumbersome but it already happens in practice, only now the board no longer needs to make and send a group classification every training.

This means that there will be a list of two groups. Where group 1 trains on Tuesday with Tonnie and on Thursday with the assistants. Group 2 will train on Tuesdays with the assistants and on Thursdays with Tonnie.

To make a good division and to take your wishes into account as much as possible, we want to ask all members of the running group to fill out the form below no later than September 30!