Clubday with Pallas

Date(s) - 03/10/2021
Hele dag


Club Day, Be there and register!

Sunday, October 3 will be a day of celebration, the Club Day. We would like to celebrate the end of the past period where it was not possible to meet or compete in a limited way. On 3 October we want to enjoy running again with each other on and off the track, we now have a half and full marathon for the first time!

The Club Day is meant for members of Pallas: pupils, juniors, adults, parents of pupils/ juniors, Tartletes, and members of Arena who train on our track. We would like to see this day as an opportunity to get to know each other (again) and to rediscover the sociability. On that day there will be all kinds of activities on the track, such as a wide range of athletic numbers and a mini obstacle run. After the active part there will be drinks and then a meal. We would also like to hold other activities to make it an attractive day for non-athletes.

Athletes and parents who would like to run can participate in the Pallas half marathon (single or in duo) or the Pallas marathon. This marathon or half-marathon will be run in groups with runners of about the same level and led by one or two runners who navigate. You can also run the half marathon in pairs, which is that you run and a partner cycles with you and you change where you want. Start and finish is of course on the course, and the schedule is that the finishers will come in on the course near the end of the activity program for a great reception.

In addition to sports, do you enjoy baking cakes? Then bring your favorite bake(s). During the cake buffet, the cakes will be presented and tasted. Not everything is a contest so we will not make it a competition, but of course a cake will impress your training buddies.

A preliminary outline of the program is:

11:00 start of track and field with sprint, throwing and jumping numbers

± 11:30 hrs Start full marathon

± 13:30 start half marathon

± 13:45 start duo half marathon

± 13:00 start Athletics Champs

± 15:00 mini obstacle run/ cake buffet

± 16:00 hours finish half marathon and full marathon

± 16:30 start of the family relay for parents, children and other special teams of which 2 (of the 4) members have not yet reached the age of 12

± 17:00 – 17:30 drinks

± 17:30 – 19:30 meal

20:00 closing



If you want to participate with one or more athletics numbers, please register through the following links:

Clubday pupils

Clubday juniors/seniors/masters

Club day full/half/half marathon and obstacle run

If you want to help out on the club day (NB: we really need help!!), please let us know via the following form

From 17:00 there will be drinks followed by food. The food, which is vegetarian, is provided by Food of Cultures. The price of the food (including drinks) is € 15.00 per adult (12 years or older) and € 7.50 for children (up to 11 years). For this evening program we will ask for a Corona Access Ticket ( ). If you want to participate, please register on this form: Dinner


The full marathon will start around 11:30 am on the course near our clubhouse (the 3 or 5 km starts on the course). The half marathon (single and duo) will start between 13:30 and 14:00. Idea is that everyone will finish around four o’clock on the course. The finish is also on the line where the start is.

The course is from the start to the Leeuwenborch, then Nobelweg and through the Dolderstraat towards Zoom. Then to the woods The Dorschkamp and then the ONO woods, Hartenseweg crossing and then to the Molenbeek, and follow it to Camping Quadenoord. Here is the first drinking station. Then towards the railroad line, and there bike path or dirt road follow direction Ede. Then up the Mosweg and through the woods of Bennekom, and between Bennekom and Wageningen High, to the Campus. The half marathoners then head to the finish line. The marathon runners run further. They take in the most beautiful spots of the Binnenveld and run to Achterberg. From there to the Grebbeberg, behind the zoo, past Zideris, and then via the bike path along the Grift back to course.

The course is not ‘signposted’. The intention is that you, if you have a GPS watch, put the GPS route in your watch so you can navigate. There will be drinking stations at about 8, 20, 28 and 36 km. If you do not have a GPS watch, no problem, there will be groups of runners of about the same speed with at least one runner navigating. If you run in pairs, the cyclist can either navigate yourself, or you can follow another duo.

The point is to enjoy yourself along the way. So run at a pace where you really enjoy yourself, talk to each other, see things along the way. Do you have plans to walk with a few others or possibly alone at a brisk pace, fine. If you walk alone, make sure you have a GPS watch and can navigate.

Everyone from Tartletos or Pallas can participate. Also parents of juniors or pupils.

The provisional route for the half marathon

The provisional route for the marathon