A sunny first competition day

After the Batavierenrace on Saturday, the first season’s competition game took place on Sunday. Because the men’s team promoted to the second division last September, the men had to go to Ede while the ladies went to the track in Arnhem. The sun shone almost the whole day, even though a small cloud appeared sometimes. The heavy wind caused the temperature to be experienced as fresh at some moments, but tartleets in action are almost always hot. On the track of Climax, Ede, where the competition was organized in collaboration with Tartlétos, some men knew to improve their PR. For example, Jonas Pannevis managed to get 0.95 seconds off of his PR at the 400 meters, resulting in a beautiful time of 50.66, making him third on the event. Elmar van der Wijk debuted on the sunny day in the senior competition and immediately bettered his time at the 100 meters with 0.19 seconds, leading to a time of 12.17. Joep Kluwen had the Batavierenrace of the day still fresh in the legs and that was visible on the track, where he sometimes went dangerously obliquely through the curves. Still, he managed to finish just 4.67 seconds above his personal record of 16 minutes on the 5 kilometers.

Then perhaps the most remarkable performance of the day with the gentlemen. Olivier Klijn had bad luck with public transport, putting him on the track fifteen minutes before the start of his event. Dinie wanted to start him in a later group, but he assured her that he would be fine. Despite having hardly trained for the past six months and having little time to prepare, Olivier jumped himself a new PR with 1.90 meters. This height was good for a third place at high jump and promising something for the time when he has trained. Martijn van der Vis couldn’t make the Swedish relay due to an injury, which led to some stress on who would take over. Fortunately, Elmar wanted to fill the spot, which ended the team in a ninth place. Competition in the second division is clearly stronger than in the third division, but if the men continue to perform well, they can stay in this division and hopefully next year they will be accompanied again by the ladies.
Let’s move on to Arnhem, where eleven women would appear on the Ciko ’66 track. That number was not achieved for several reasons, but all events could still be done. Marijke was the first to start in the game, because she had to report as judge. Linda van de Lagemaat was in two events at the same time, the 100m hurdles and shot-put. Due to the delay in the shot-put, she had just pulled her spikes on to go to the hurdles, when she suddenly got called for shot-put. The spikes had to be pulled off again, so she could shot one time before appearing at the start of the hurdles. In spite of the chaos, Linda has become third in the hurdles, where she had to tolerate fellow tartleet Judith Kas in front of her for a time of 18.72. At the shot-put, Linda managed to win a second place with a 10.78 meter put. Lianne Bouwman managed to win the 5th place on the 800m, which was not easy with the Batavierenrace still in the legs. At the 100 meters, the ladies had to fight a lot of wind to get over the finish. Joana Vitorino managed to win second place, delivering a nice amount of points. Charlotte van Haren had to do it with a 4th place, which was not such a problem because of Joana’s performance. Mariëlle de Rijke was very pleased with discus by improving her PR by 4.95 meters by a 32.36 meter throw, enough for a second place at the discus.

Elise Pelgrim first appeared in Tartlétoswear at the start of the 400 meters. The injuries she has been fighting for a while did not stop her from taking the lead in her series. Just before the finish, she was still passed by another athlete, making it a second place in a time of 1.05.67. Due to the little difference in time Elise was allowed to take only four points less than the number one home. At the high jump Linda gained the first place by jumping over  1.55 meters. As with the men, the women also had some stress about the relay. The ladies also suffered from an absence during the relay namely Romy de Haas. At first, it seemed that the ladies would not be allowed to start in the Swedish relay because of this, so Dinie wanted to come to Arnhem to put it straight. After long waiting and consultation with the contest leader, the ladies got told that they had to catch their shoes because they could still get started. Dinie could happily stay in Ede. There was no time left for a warm-up, it was already 5 minutes before the relay started. It was only hoped that no muscles would tear off due to lack of warming.

The ladies: Merle Schots, Elise, Dorien Konig and Charlotte got another few minutes to prepare themselves by moving the group from the first to the second series. This was exactly enough for Merle, so she could get out of the starting block with the right leg. It was an exciting race where Merle was third in her round. During Elise’s 300 meters, she managed to pass the number two, just before the stick had to be transferred to Dorien. She could just stay ahead of the new number three, but it was a close call. As a result, Charlotte knew exactly what to do so the other athlete would remain in third position. A smooth transfer of the stick made it a lot easier and the tartlétos ladies could be the second of the series to  finish. In the poule, fourth place was won on the Swedish team. After one match, the women stand number two in the podium and at a 14th position nationally. There is still some work to do if the ladies want to win be present at the promotion this year, but this first Sunday has already delivered a good start.
The day was finished with a delicious barbecue at the Trimsalon, after which everyone could dive right into bed. Up to the next match on May 28!