Dark Month Diehard circuit

As many probably already know, the Donkere Maanden Bikkel circuit or Dark Month Diehard circuit (DMB) has started a while ago. The first weeks there was still a lot of light and it seemed as if we would get a Tartlétos Tropical Temperature Tournament 2.0. However, the temperatures dropped quickly.

In the meantime, now that we can almost go ice-skating again, there have already been a lot of competitions and I have the honor to present the first ranking of the prestigious DMB circuit. It is still very exciting and everyone is of course still in the race to catch the coveted title as the dark month diehard. Margot is at the moment running the list, but there will be a lot of competitions in the coming period. At the same time, the first larger indoor competitions are coming up and the non-mid-distance runners can again show their qualities. So: Train hard to perform exceptionally!